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Melinda Bush Calls on Opponent to Sever Ties to Extremist Joe Walsh

GRAYSLAKE – Senator Melinda Bush called on 31st Senate District candidate Mike Amrozowicz to sever ties to extreme right-wing talk show host and former congressman Joe Walsh. Walsh recently held a fundraiser for Amrozowicz.

“I’m stunned someone who wants to represent Lake County citizens would align themselves with such an extremist,” said Bush. “Mike Amrozowicz needs to denounce Joe Walsh.”

Walsh has argued abortions are never necessary to save the lives of pregnant women, denied the existence of global warming, and spoke out against the existence of programs like Social Security and Medicare. Walsh has also been suspended from his radio show for using racial slurs and claimed radical Muslims who were “trying to kill Americans every week” infiltrated the Chicago suburbs.

Walsh held a fundraiser for Amrozowicz at the Brae Loch Golf Club last week, where Walsh advocated that Amrozowicz use voter anger to get elected and run a substance-less campaign.

“This is an issue-less campaign,” Walsh said on the state senate race. “This will not be a campaign driven by the issues.”

“This smacks of the worst kind of politics,” Bush responded. “I’m calling on Mike Amrozowicz to sever ties to Joe Walsh, his extremist views and his campaign tactics. We need to be focusing on the issues that matter most to working families – increasing fiscal responsibility, funding our schools, and decreasing the tax burden – not inciting anger through outrageous remarks.”

A lifelong Lake County resident, educator and former businesswoman, Melinda Bush is running for State Senate in the 31st Senate District. In the Senate, Bush has fought for balanced budgets, job creation, and ethics reforms like term limits.