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September 7, 2016

Two Lake County Sanitary Districts Can Dissolve Under New Law


Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, co-sponsored the measure to meant to help consolidate local government. In an effort to find ways to continue to consolidate local government, State Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, supported a new law that was recently signed by Governor Rauner that allows two Lake County Sanitary Districts to dissolve and relegate their duties and obligations to county government, …

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July 6, 2016

Melinda Bush Calls on Opponent to Sever Ties to Extremist Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

GRAYSLAKE – Senator Melinda Bush called on 31st Senate District candidate Mike Amrozowicz to sever ties to extreme right-wing talk show host and former congressman Joe Walsh. Walsh recently held a fundraiser for Amrozowicz. “I’m stunned someone who wants to represent Lake County citizens would align themselves with such an extremist,” said Bush. “Mike Amrozowicz needs to denounce Joe Walsh.” …

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June 29, 2016

Suburban lawmakers say something’s got to give in Springfield


Democratic state Sen. Melinda Bush says she’s “had enough” of politics as usual in Illinois, and the budget impasse that has threatened schools and social service agencies’ survival. Across the aisle and in the Illinois House, Republican Rep. David McSweeney sings a similar tune. “We’re sitting here over a year from the end of the last fiscal year without a …

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June 3, 2016

Bills would give voters say over township, road district consolidation


Two state Senate bills from Lake County legislators are among the latest suggestions in the continuing debate on consolidating government services to save money. The main element in the proposals by Democratic state Sens. Melinda Bush of Grayslake and Julie Morrison of Deerfield to consolidate or dissolve townships and road districts would allow entities the choice to pursue that route …

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